Bad Real Estate Photographs Waste Time

brpWhat’s wrong with this picture?

The story goes … The Smiths are moving to Dallas. His company recently moved their headquarters and, since he is an important executive, he must move as well or lose some dollars in an exit package. The move is a good deal for the Smiths, the company will move them and help them in their search for their new home. The downside, they only have 6 months to sell their house, find a new house, a new school for the kids … basically a new life. Mrs. Smith also must relocate her practice in a brand new part of the country.

Ah, with all the online real estate search engines there should not be any problems with finding something they all would be happy with. The Smiths contact the realtor their company recommends and off they go. The Smiths give their new realtor their shopping list of “musts” and “no ways” and they agree to search out some houses online while their realtor sets up their first scouting trip to Big D.

What the what?

The Smiths surf tirelessly every day finding houses they think will be a great fit for a family of 5. Hundreds and hundreds of images of the front of the house, the living area, the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the backyard. They begin to make a list of the houses they want to see on the upcoming weekend trip. Their plan is to look at 10 – 12 houses in two days. With the help of their realtor, they have made all of the appointments necessary to walk through the houses.

They fly into DFW and start their tour. The first house they wanted to see was their favorite. Big living area, the kids all have a bedroom, gourmet kitchen and a big back yard. When they walk in the front door the first thing they say is … “Wow, this doesn’t look anything like the pictures.” Yes, dear Smiths, not all real estate photography is professional. The agent was in a hurry getting the photos on MLS, so they just used their smartphone. Bad photos waste time.

Wayne Gooden Dallas Real Estate Photography BrownstoneA picture is worth … at least 11K

Good photographs can fetch as much as $19,000 more than dull, flat, poorly composed photos. When I take a photo of the living area, for example, I want to try and get all of the room in one shot … yes ALL of the room.  That takes a bit of a wide angle lens and some experimenting on placing the camera in just the right spot. I want all the windows shades or blinds open to let in as much light as possible and every light in the room on. It takes a bit of additional know how not to blow out the photo with the blinds open and the sun coming in. Some times you have to mix flash strobes with the ambient light. Yes, and sometimes it takes multiple off camera strobes to make it look balanced and well lit. Sometimes it takes multiple exposures with multiple off camera strobes … and then sandwich together for a beautiful shot.

The long and short of it is this … cutting corners on your photographs will cost your buyers time and your sellers money.

Wayne Gooden is a professional real estate photographer located in the Dallas area. Specializing in quality real estate photographs. Copyright 2016 . RRV Designs Inc. All rights reserved.


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