Creative Design in House Flipping | Butlers Pantry

Dallas Real Estate Photography
If you have seen as many flips as I have, you pretty much have seen them all. Flippers tend to use the same design over and over again. This one was different. Taking this former formal dining room to a whole new level with a butlers pantry. A butler’s pantry is traditionally a transitional space between the kitchen and the dining area. Pictured here, of course, is the kitchen part of that equation. They commonly contain countertops, and storage for candles, serving pieces, table linens, tableware, wine, and other dining room articles. I can also see this room as a very informal space for socializing either before or after a meal. I like this design a lot.

Wayne Gooden is a professional real estate photographer located in the Dallas area. Specializing in quality real estate photographs. Copyright 2016 . RRV Designs Inc. All rights reserved.

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