Does Your Home Have Web Appeal?

web appeal real estate photographyDid you find your house in the Sunday paper?

Long before the internet and online real estate listings, the first impression a buyer would have is a “drive by”. Someone would have interest in a particular neighborhood or area of town and drive around to find signs in the yard. Or an agent might find a house in his real estate book and call a prospective buyer with an address. If the agent were smart, they would drive by first to check out the curb appeal. A buyer might find a savvy ad in the Sunday paper and be intrigued and want to see a particular house. Either way … curb appeal was crucial to the seller. Weeds in the yard, gutters overflowing with leaves, or a bad roof would usually cause that potential buyer to drive on by or come back with a super low offer on the house.

Web appeal is the new standard

Fast forward to now. Within minutes of a listing agent putting photos on their MLS, those photos are distributed to every major online real estate search engine. Now that home is subject to the perusal of thousands of potential buyers and what are they looking for … yep, a good photo of all the rooms, front elevation, back yard, garage and maybe even a video. Smartphones are ok for a quick text to a client, but full resolution, high def photos, with proper lighting and angles are essential to discriminating buyers.

Flippers look for bad photos

A tip. Home investors looking for a flip and a super low offer are always looking for smartphone photos or no photos at all on the MLS. Professional photos say, “I’m worth your time to look at every room of this house.” In the Dallas market, at present, houses are going quick. The inventory is low and buyers may put up with clumsy, ill angled photos because there aren’t that many houses in the area they want to live. Stats tell us though, you can expect a listing with good photos will bring about $3000 – $11,000 more than those with poor photos.

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Wayne Gooden is a professional real estate photographer located in the Dallas area. Specializing in quality real estate photographs. Copyright 2016 . RRV Designs Inc. All rights reserved.

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